Road Trip to Jersey 2022

Poole Harbour

We had been due to fly to Jersey during half term week, but British Airways had other ideas and cancelled our flights without warning. Luckily we had enough time to initiate Plan B and booked a ferry crossing with Condor Ferries from Poole to Jersey (with 10% military discount, thanks very much).

As you might expect, I was armed with itineraries for our time on the island and had an updated guidebook to hand. On a short break, I like to make the most of both our time and where we are. The Boy’s lack of teenage ability to stay in bed until lunchtime comes in handy.

Sunset over St. Brelade’s Bay

The ferry was busier than we’d expected and very few passengers were appearing to take any Covid precautions. We were almost 90 minutes late into St. Helier, having left Poole an hour after the scheduled time, but our hotel in St. Brelade’s Bay was only 10 minutes drive from the port.

Our hotel

Given the choice, we would all have preferred to fly from Heathrow and be in Jersey in 35 minutes. But judging by the chaos reported at UK airport’s during half term, BA might have done us a favour.

Having to travel by ferry meant that we lost an afternoon in Jersey, but having the car with us actually turned out to be particularly useful, as the island’s bus service has not yet returned to its pre-pandemic service.

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Have you been on an aeroplane since the lifting of the pandemic restrictions?

6 thoughts on “Road Trip to Jersey 2022

  1. I have very happy memories of a holiday in Jersey when our children were small – such lovely beaches and the island is so compact you can easily see it all if you have a car. It really does feel as if you have gone abroad doesn’t it?
    It does seem that you may have had a lucky escape by avoiding the airports, it just seems so crazy that there are so many cancellations when they knew how many people would be wanting to travel once restrictions had lifted. We are (hopefully) going to Portugal next month, our first trip overseas since September 2019. The trouble is, that with all the disruption going on, I don’t feel that I can properly relax and look forward to going just yet! Our road trip short break is with Coco in September when we are going to the Cotswolds for a long weekend.

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    1. I really feel we dodged a bullet by having BA cancel our flights! Fingers crossed that your trip to Portugal goes smoothly.
      We’re planning another road trip in the summer using EuroTunnel.


  2. Looks like it took a bit to get the trip started but I am sure in subsequent posts we are going to see just have much you did get packed into this break. I marvel at palm trees in Jersey.
    No trips for us just yet, although I had sent for brochures on Quebec City & surrounding areas, but now given the new language bill proposed in Quebec in may be off the table completely.
    Mr Man swears he will never fly again (far too much business travel has soured him). Toronto’s airport is so bad that the federal government is stepping in.

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    1. Haha, how well you know me – there are indeed several Jersey posts in the planning stages! 🙂
      I have heard talk that the military should be sent in to sort out the UK’s airports.


  3. Don’t think we have ever had a vacation without a hiccup. Last summer we rented a car but when we arrived at the airport to pick it up, there were no cars available. Not sure how that works. When we went to France, there was a mass transit strike and getting around was a real trick.

    Your photos are lovely and it sounds like having your car along was a blessing. Will you be scrapbooking this trip soon?

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