Month in Numbers | May 2022

I’ve noted all my numbers this month, more out of habit than anything else. I seem to have run out of enthusiasm for making a Project Life style scrapbook page, so I’m simply going to record them here.

Let’s see how May looked …

  • 14 online Step classes
  • 27 sessions online of Pilates
  • 23 days of the 100 Day Project
  • 12 layouts created
  • 8 pieces of Happy Mail sent
  • 4 nights away from home
  • 42 walks with Tilly
  • 3 meetings with friends and/or family
  • 27,307 steps walked by me on my busiest day of the month*
  • 1,635 words written for Mass Observation Day
  • 1 ping for a potential Covid contact – I tested negative
  • 2 haircuts

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

*Step count made up as follows: Step class, walk with Tilly and then onto the supermarket, walk to the salon to have my eyebrows done, walk to the store to collect an order and a walk with Tilly.

7 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | May 2022

  1. The numbers don’t lie, you had a busy month. Aside from that 1 ping, May seemed to have very positive creative moments & being a receiver of one of the 8 H.M. I am happy you do lots of creative things. 🙂

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  2. Another busy month – and what a fantastic step count! It seems like Tilly had a good month too with all her walks 😉 I like the idea of the observation day, I wonder if I would be able to remember that it is happening next year so that I could do it too?

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