Me on Monday | 6 June

It was a week of half term travels, the Jubilee and testing.

Rozel Bay, Jersey
  • We completed our road trip to Jersey (lots more on that coming soon)
  • We enjoyed a family outing to see Top Gun:Maverick at the cinema
  • We went to a fantastic Platinum Jubilee party with The Oldest Friends – our god daughter baked up a storm 🙂 And I took very few photos
  • We collected Tilly from my sister-in-love’s house
  • The Brainy One and The Boy both tested positive for Covid-19 (more on this later). At the time of writing, I am still testing negative
  • I did what felt like a ton of laundry
  • I absolutely loved seeing Her Majesty entertain Paddington Bear to tea – genius!
  • Tilly and I watched the Jubilee Concert – I thought there were some good parts and some not so good parts – I didn’t stay up for Diana Ross
  • After just two days of running around after The Brainy One and The Boy, I feel exhausted

5 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 6 June

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that TBO and TB have succumbed and hope they only have mild symptoms and don’t share it with you.
    The Jubilee celebrations were so good, I really enjoyed the concert and thought they had done well to cover the full range of her years on the throne. Isn’t she a good sport to join in with things like the Paddington Bear sketch? Louis made me smile so much when he started fidgeting and pulling faces, royal or not, small boys will always find a way to get into mischief!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, did you manage to get home before the men started to feel unwell?

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    1. PS: TBO felt ‘off’ on Friday and tested positive on Saturday morning – after the return from Jersey and the Jubilee party. TB is completely asymptomatic.


  2. You have been busy. Oh no for TBO & TB, I do hope they are on the mend & you remain negative (now isn’t that a strange thing to say to people?) I finally found the entire Queen & Paddington Bear video & what fun, I watched several times since; so much celebration, it was hard to pick the best moments. Is a ton of laundry the true indicator of a good holiday?

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