Central London | Dressed for the Jubilee

The Boy is never going to be able to cope with vast crowds when it comes to marking a national celebratory event on the streets of Central London. He does, however, like to see his home city dressed for an occasion. As do I.

The Boy’s Top Tip | Go into town early on a Sunday morning for empty streets.

11 thoughts on “Central London | Dressed for the Jubilee

  1. Wise words from TB, how lovely to be able to see the jubilee decorations without the crowds! To be honest I think that I might find the crowds that will inevitably flock to the capital a little overwhelming. Our only plans at the moment are to walk into town on Thursday evening to watch the beacon being lit in Castle Gardens, then we are going with another couple to a bbq at a friend’s house on Saturday. I do have a few festive recipes up my sleeve for meals on the big day – a Victoria sponge cake for afternoon tea and Coronation Chicken for dinner! Maybe we will get a family lunch in somewhere too. I don’t think we will be headed out on the road anywhere, I’m not a fan of long queues of traffic!

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  2. I was about to ask how you managed to avoid people in your shots! They are so clean! How early is “early”? I had a look round last week and got a nice flavour, but they still had a fair bit to do. I got some pics on Oxford Street and The Mall, but they had only done one side of it at that point.

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  3. Wonderful photos & worth the early rise. I am SOOOO excited about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee & while celebrations this side of the pond will be nothing like those in Britain, I am planning my own tea party celebrations. And like Deb, include Coronation Chicken (soy) & I’ll be attempting to make that recently created Jubilee Trifle. And trust me if I could have borrowed or rented Corgis for the day, I would have! Let the bunting drape & hang!

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    1. Mary-Lou, I took a photo of the Canadian embassy to send to you! It has maple leaf flags all along the front but on one side of the door is a Ukrainian flag and on the other a jubilee flag. Will try and remember to send it soon.

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  4. What glorious pictures on such a bright day! I don’t think there is any form of decoration in our town apart from the window of the kitchen shop which is all red, white and blue …

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