Mass Observation Day | 12 May 2022

On the 12th May 2022, the Mass Observation Archive repeated its annual call for day diaries, capturing the everyday lives of people across the UK.

I treated the day like a Day in the Life entry and my key word was detail. I wrote the timed entries without much thought to structure.

I didn’t add any photos this year, simply because I didn’t take any. I did give consideration to grammar and spelling. I like to think that my voice has come through. I like to think that there’s humour in some of my entries.

And I really like the thought that someone will read about my 12 May 2022 in the years ahead. 

5 thoughts on “Mass Observation Day | 12 May 2022

  1. How interesting to be part of such a fascinating project – I wonder what people will make of your entry in years to come. Will Cavachon dogs still be a popular breed? What was a ‘dental pod’? What was ‘Amazon prime’? Things we take for granted as everyday may be consigned to history!
    Now I am 64, someone pointed out to me that a person who was 64 on the day I was born would have been born in 1894. Think of all the things that were run of the mill then but totally unknown of now! So what will the people of 2086 make of your diary I wonder 🙂

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    1. Now there’s a thought … things change and we adapt to the changes and yet we still scoff at the lifestyles of the generations who went before us.


  2. I really wish there was something like this in Canada, in Ontario, in Wellington County!!! I think this is such an amazing project; it allows every day folks to leave their voice to the future as we now read the entries from the past. These ancestors get to have a say again.

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