Me on Monday | 16 May

It was another week where we were happy to potter around close to home.

  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • The Brainy One and I went to B&Q to buy paint and a radiator cover
  • I participated in Mass Observation Day (more on that soon)
  • I had my hair cut
  • The Brainy One taught me how to change light switch covers and plug socket facias – I’ve now done two of each – from white plastic to chrome metal – and feel very smug
  • The Brainy One met up with a small group of old school friends for a drink or three
  • We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs together and have lunch in her garden
  • We watched Liverpool win the FA Cup
  • We watched most of Eurovision – a superb night for Sam Ryder and the UK, and a brilliant Europe-wide show of solidarity for Ukraine
  • We went to brunch, and made last orders by the skin of our teeth

9 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 16 May

  1. I bet TB was thrilled with that football result!
    I remember learning basic electric wiring when I was in the 5th year at school when our physics teacher insisted we all learnt how to wire a plug etc as a basic life skill. I’ve never tackled a switch plate though, it always looks very fiddly! Well done!

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    1. The Boy made a considerable amount of noise when Liverpool won!
      My dad taught me to wire a plug when I was teenager. The advent of directly molded plugs means that no one learns how to do that any more.
      I won’t lie, it was a fiddly job changing the switch plates, but I’m still pretty chuffed with myself!


  2. It is surprising how a change of light switch & plug covers can change the look & feel in a room. Well done you! The buying of the paint means we are closer to seeing the reveal of the TB’s playroom … could it be colours of his winning team?

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    1. Haha, no the new colours of the library will not be in the colours of LFC! Crikey, what a thought!!
      Redecoration starts soon, but then we have a have a wait for the installation of the bookcase.


  3. Bravo for tackling the switch plates. I used to be much more the handy woman than I am now. In El Paso, our AC units are on the roof of most houses. Once upon a time I climbed up on my roof to ready the AC unit each spring.

    I look forward to your mass observation post. I think it is so interesting to read about the day-to-day activities of other bloggers.

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