Hidden London | Attendant

Located in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia and five minutes walk from Oxford Street, this former Victorian toilet has been lovingly transformed into one of London’s top speciality coffee & brunch cafes. Built around 1890 and mothballed in the 1960s, the Attendant was dormant for more than fifty years.

It’s probably the strangest place I’ve ever been for brunch, but I thought it was quirky and fun. The Boy didn’t really settle and said that he’s never going there again.

Not even for the vegan sourdough waffle with seasonal fruit and Chantilly cream …

You can find out more about Attendant here.

7 thoughts on “Hidden London | Attendant

    1. That waffle was delicious (although I did manage to drop passionfruit seeds into my lap … and of course they missed landing on the napkin! )


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