Me on Monday | 9 May

It was a week of sunny and warmish days. It was also a reasonably quiet week.

  • Monday was a Bank Holiday and the males in the family went off to the golf course
  • Tilly needed a visit to the vet, as she had picked up kennel cough
  • There’s a decision still to be made about paint colours
  • I finally finished pairing up all the Original Happy Mail letters and was surprising emotional
  • I am posting regularly on Instagram about the letters, but attracting interest is slow going
  • The Brainy One and I binged watched (over two nights) Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix and we have begun Bosch:Legacy on Prime
  • I applied to the Ministry of Defence for a copy of Dad’s RAF Service Record
  • I completed my tax return
  • I spent time weeding the flower beds
  • The males of the family went to see the latest Marvel release: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 9 May

  1. Wishing Tilly a speedy recovery – however did she pick that up?
    I watched – and enjoyed – Anatomy of a Scandal. I allowed myself to binge watch it providing I was doing ironing or some other boring chore at the same time, never has my ironing pile gone down so quickly 😉
    Have a good week!

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  2. Sending healing thoughts for Tilly’s quick recovery & no lasting effects. I am enjoying the letters on Insta – both your Mum & Kay write such truthful accounts about their life. Who has finally say on paint on the renewed “playroom”?

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    1. I have the final say on paint colour, as I’m the one who is going to be painting the space! 🙂 I may have made the decision this morning and slopped some on the wall to see how it looks …
      Re Mum and Kay’s letters – just wait until we’re much further along. It seems they both used their letters as a form of therapy.


  3. Have been away from blogging for a bit. Nice to catch up again with everyone. What a treasure those letters, your happy mail must be. I went back to your original post from 2019 to learn more about the letters. I guess they are a formal of journal writing but in letter format. Glad you have finished pairing or sorting them. Hope the first letter turned up misfiled in the wrong place.

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