Me on Monday | 25 April

It was a week of back-to-school, sunny days and easing back into a routine.

  • I donated my 36th pint of blood
  • I began planning my Jersey Journal
  • I launched an Instagram account for the original Happy Mail – @maggieandkaypenpals
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • We went for brunch down by the River Thames
  • The Boy and I went to the cinema to see superb Operation Mincemeat
  • The Brainy One and I tidied up in the front garden

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 25 April

  1. I quite fancy going to see Operation Mincemeat so I’m pleased to see you used the word ‘superb’ in your review.
    While it’s nice to be on school holidays there is something about easing back into a routine isn’t there?

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  2. It have had a lovely easing into routine & the TB certainly had lots of activities over the Easter break. Jersey Journal – is there a trip in the works?

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