The Original Happy Mail and Where Next

I’ve felt a nudge of late to do something with Mum and Kay’s letters. The thought of all that transcription, hours and hours of it, is daunting, to say the least. But every good idea needs to begin with a single step.

Inspired by Flea Market Love Letters, I’ve opened an Instagram account – @maggieandkaypenpals – and the aim is to share snippets from the letters and the occasional photo.

If nothing else, the transcription will be manageable.

If you’d like to, it would be great if you’d follow their story.

7 thoughts on “The Original Happy Mail and Where Next

  1. I will get permission on the Instagram account of my friend to follow. It sounds like such a fun project & what a way to share the love & kindness of friends. It’s recipe the rest of the world needs right now. I’m excited.

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  2. What an interesting project! I have an army kit bag full of letters that my mum and dad wrote to each other in the war and I keep thinking that I should do something with them but there are just so many! I shall head over to IG to check your account.

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