Weekday Walk | The Thames Path at Hammersmith

When I first came to live and work in London in late May 1997, I thought Hammersmith Tube/Bus Station was the centre of the universe. 🙂 You could pretty much catch a bus or the Tube and reach any part of London you required, and if you stood still for a few moments, you could hear virtually every language known to mankind being spoken.

The reality outside the station is a little different. It’s noisy, dirty and the air pollution can be dire, thanks to the proximity of the elevated section of the M4 motorway and the A315. However, just five minutes from the station, you will find a lovely stretch of the Thames Path.

Outside of peak pub opening times and the Boat Race, the Thames Path at Hammersmith is home to locals either running or walking their dogs. A perfect spot for a weekday meander.

Occupants of cottages facing the river have appropriated space on the pavement for extra garden space, presumably with permission from the Council.

The William Morris Society is a museum dedicated to the famous Arts and Crafts Movement pioneer. It’s set in Kelmscott House, Morris’ final home.

There are several pubs along this stretch of the Thames Path, should you feel the need for refreshment.

Our Weekday Walk took about an hour. We started and finished at Hammersmith Tube station.

6 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | The Thames Path at Hammersmith

  1. So many interesting walks within a short distance – and easy access from home! My husband used to spend quite a bit of time in the Hammersmith area years ago when the company he worked for developed the shopping centre there. That isn’t such a nice place for a leisurely stroll in the sunshine! Interesting to see how quaint the area is a short distance from the station.

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  2. Another delightful find – thanks for taking us along with you. Also thanks for the link to Wikipedia about the Arts & Craft movement … it took me a while to read through it, but an interesting fact read. I would have stopped & snooped at the white cottage’s potted garden 🙂

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