The Glenn Miller Orchestra in Concert

Going back into a theatre has been a bit like waiting for the #65 bus; you wait for ages and two events come along together.

The weekend after I’d been to see To Kill a Mockingbird, I was back in a theatre in Wimbledon to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra. The Boy is a big fan of all things Glenn Miller. 🙂

The auditorium was no more than around two thirds full and we were definitely some of the youngest there. I would go so far as to say that The Boy was probably the youngest member of the audience. 🙂

The standard of music was incredible, with several musicians playing multiple instruments and if you’re a fan of the classic Big Band sound, then this is the orchestra for you. The band leader, Ray McVey, must have been in his 90s (The Brainy One said he remembered his mum liking him back in the day) and he’d obviously modelled his stage persona on Brucie and had seen no reason to change … the photo of him on the orchestra’s website is years old. 🙂 (You can see the orchestra’s biographies here.)

On the Covid prevention front, there was no effort by staff to encourage audience members to wear masks – we were the only ones doing so in our seating area. We did not go to the bar or use the facilities.

4 thoughts on “The Glenn Miller Orchestra in Concert

  1. That’s the great thing about music, it spans all age groups & can be a bridge between generations … & obviously music keeps you young, just look at Ray & those others like Mick & Keith (lol).

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