Me on Monday | 28 March

A week of admin, planning the Easter holidays and worrying about the current state of the world.

  • I renegotiated successfully a new contract for our mobile phones, gaining an almost 50% reduction in the monthly bill
  • Filming for Silent Witness took place at our neighbour’s house and caused havoc for the whole road
  • The development that our local community tried to stop is all but finished and buyers have apparently been found
  • I booked an free appointment with a designer to discuss options for upgrading The Boy’s Playroom
  • I went to the garden centre
  • I went to the theatre in the West End, more coming soon about that
  • It was Mother’s Day and we went to Osterley Park

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 28 March

  1. Well done getting your mobile bill down – 50% !!! Community developments are often quietly slipped in because “they” know it’s not the correct thing. 😦 I cannot wait for the garden centres to open. 🙂

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    1. I didn’t see Emilia, just a lot of people hanging around.
      I did see Kevin Whateley, Lawrence Fox (before he went weird) and his then girlfriend Billie Piper at the end of our road a few years ago. They were filming Lewis (ostensibly set in Oxford) and Miss Piper looked particularly rough!


      1. Pity! She seems nice.
        Miss Piper can certainly look very peculiar. Lawrence Fox looks iller every time I see him. There was one point when I thought he might have valid points and should be allowed to speak but lately he’s just become more and more unsympathetic and stroppy-sounding, and seems to look for aggro for the sake of it. Nice to see Kevin Whately though!

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  2. Fancy being that close to a filming location! Although I can imagine the disruption caused.
    Please could you come with me when it’s time to upgrade my phone, I don’t seem to have very good negotiation skills!
    How lucky to find a designer offering to do a consultation for free, I wonder what they will come up with that you hadn’t thought of yourselves? Looking forward to hearing more on this!

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    1. There is a lot of filming that goes on in our area … more on Thursday, a commercial for a cocktail. It is a real nuisance.
      I called my mobile supplier and laid it on quite thick – my need to reduce my outgoings, what the competition was offering and didn’t my loyalty to them count for anything. I was surprised by how quickly they came up with the new and much cheaper offer.
      Stay tuned for feedback re the free design consultation. It will all come down to price!


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