Right Now …

  • Enjoying daily temperatures of around 20C here in West London, but colder weather is forecast for next week
  • Ditching my winter boots and jeans for cropped trousers and fashion trainers
  • Watching our flowering bulbs come to life – we have daffodils, crocus, fritillaries, pansies and tulips
  • Worrying about the number of attempted car thefts in our neighbourhood
  • Planning our activities for the Easter holidays
  • Thinking about redecoration and the potential for a playroom upgrade
  • Watching Chicago Med on Netflix
  • Crafting daily, thanks to the 100 Day Project – a little and often
  • Considering where next for The Boy, post 16 – we have to decide by the end of the year
  • Constantly comparing prices for grocery shopping and utilities – the rise in the cost of living and inflation is concerning

4 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. The cost of living is certainly rising & all too quickly. Certainly the pandemic treats have gone now. We joke that we will have to take turns eating, but I know for some that is all too much a reality. Compassion shopping is my new reading materials.
    Picking the next educational step is a hard one; do “you” lean to the academics or the trades is the question for a lot of parents this side of the pond. Yes! crafting a little & often seems to be a real stress buster these days & getting the UFOs done 🙂
    I’m watching the snow melt … 🙂

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  2. When it’s lovely, it’s too easy to assume that this is it now for the next few months! But what a lift this week has been, time spent childminding in the garden seems to go faster than when we are cooped up indoors 😉
    What a big decision you have to make when it seems just yesterday that you were deciding on Secondary School. Is there much choice in your area or will TB need to venture further afield?
    The increase in costs really is a concern, our energy company has recently doubled our standing order amount!

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