Me on Monday | 21 March

My sister-in-love tested positive the day after Cachirulo, so we tested daily for several days and stayed close to home. We remained negative.

  • The Boy went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum – the first such outing since the Autumn term of 2019
  • I made a Ukraine flag and stuck it in our front window
  • I was pleased to discover that the US 1950 Census will be free to access from the beginning of April
  • I’m still listening to Ukrainecast daily on BBC Sounds – I also recommend Putin, and The War on Truth
  • I booked an appointment to have my haircut – my regular stylist has been away for several weeks and I am looking quite fluffy
  • I’m thinking about plans to redecorate The Boy’s playroom
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • We went out for brunch
  • The Boy and I went out for morning coffee and cake
  • Winter has officially ended

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 21 March

  1. Isn’t it horrible when someone you have spent time with tests positive? Pleased to hear that you remained negative though. A school trip! Oh the things we used to take for granted! I hope he had a good time there.
    It’s so nice when the mornings are lighter and sunset becomes later – good to know that Winter is officially over!

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  2. I think your week reflected what could be termed the new normal … be social, test, wait & worry, hopeful, social again. How exciting for TB is have an outing with his mates. Oh more decorating projects … will it still be called, after the decorating, the playroom? Ever so pleased Old Man Winter has been given his hat, the door is open to leave, even with our forecast of more snow on Wednesday … praying that a certain short insane man gets the hints & leaves just as easily!

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