The Circle Of Life As Documented By Our Wedding Album

Working on our revamped wedding album brought home to me just how relentless the circle of life is.

You know that I enjoy a list, collecting numbers and family history – here’s what I realised:

Deaths |

  • Fourteen guests have died since our wedding day
  • Included in this list are my mum and my parents-in-law
  • The first death occurred less than two weeks after our wedding
  • The last death occurred during the UK’s first Lockdown
  • The oldest was 93, the youngest was 56

Marriages |

  • There have been eleven more weddings amongst our family and friends since our wedding day
  • We were invited to seven of them
  • One couple eloped 🙂

Divorces/Separations |

  • Six couples have divorced or separated since our wedding day
  • Five couples have each remarried or have a new partner
  • Two guests have divorced, remarried and divorced again

Births |

  • Fourteen babies have been born since our wedding
  • The first baby arrived two months after our wedding
  • The last baby arrived in April 2018

Estrangement |

Where Are They Now? |

  • One family member moved to Arizona, USA on marriage
  • One friend emigrated to Australia

The circle of life, in its many forms, really does keep on turning.

8 thoughts on “The Circle Of Life As Documented By Our Wedding Album

  1. My goodness, that’s quite a tally … and contains within it a full range of human feelings and emotions too, I would think. Will you add as page at the pack to encompass this information. a bit like your Month In Numbers? Lovely photo of you …

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  2. When you write it all down, that is a significant amount of changes (I’m still surprised by the ones who divorced, remarried then divorced again) Interesting that 14 people left this world and 14 babies were born, that really is the circle of life isn’t it? This album has been such a lovely project, you must be very proud of it.

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  3. Interesting post about your wedding. I agree with Alexa, an end page with these facts is a necessary marker. It makes me stop to take a numbers count from our wedding.

    Oh & now I’ve got that song as an ear worm … “Through despair and hope, Through faith and love, ‘Til we find our place, On the path unwinding …in the circle of life” 🙂

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