Me on Monday | 14 March

It was another week where I felt unsettled and life going on somehow felt wrong.

  • The Brainy One and I went out to lunch with a few family members to celebrate The Brainy Boy reaching a milestone birthday
  • I made an appointment for Tilly to go to the groomer – they’re so busy, they can’t see her for a month
  • I tried to keep a lid on my anxiety levels
  • I spent a happy hour scanning wedding photos
  • Our planned whole family get-together to celebrate the aforementioned birthday was cancelled at the last minute because Cachirulo tested positive. Cue daily lateral flow tests for all of us for a few days
  • That cancellation meant that I was free when The Best Friend asked if I was free for a mini cyber crop
  • The Brainy One and I introduced The Boy to the superb film A Few Good Men

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 14 March

  1. I feel exactly the same, it is hard to just carry on living a normal life when our near neighbours are suffering so much. I feel anxious much of the time, and old demons seem to be reappearing, which is most unwelcome.
    I try and carry on with crafting, it distracts me for a while.
    How super to introduce your boy to great films of the past , I hope he enjoys them .

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    1. I agree with rising anxiety levels, I’m having to give myself regular pep talks.
      Scrapbooking has always been a source of therapy for me and I’m very glad to have it in my life right now.
      The Boy enjoyed A Few Good Men, but I had forgotten just how much swearing is in it!


  2. It’s so hard to know how to feel at the moment isn’t it? It makes you feel guilty for carrying on as normal but there is nothing that we can do. I think we are all feeling that anxiety. Sorry to hear that the birthday celebrations had to be cancelled at the last minute. We all seem to be getting very good at half expecting things to have to be re-scheduled don’t we?

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    1. It turns out that cancelling was the right decision, as my sister-in-love also tested positive this morning. The Brainy One and I had lunch with her last Wednesday – we are testing negative so far … typing with fingers crossed!


  3. I’m unsure where or what to start with or say as the world is holding its collective breathe with regards to the war in Ukraine. I know my anxiety levels have risen several levels since the 24th of February. 😦
    And what did TB think of A Few Good Men? A cyber crop with TBF was probably the best medicine you had all week.

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    1. “Holding its collective breathe …”, that’s it exactly.
      The Boy enjoyed A Few Good Men; I had forgotten about the amount of swearing!
      And yes, the unexpected cyber crop was just what was needed.

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  4. Yes, my first thought every morning when I wake is, “I wonder what is happening in Ukraine”. And then I hear the news and feel miserable and small and powerless. Then I feel guilty for being self-indulgent, saying I feel awful when my upset is only thirdhand. So I try to dial up the gratitude for every single good thing in my life, no matter how mundane, and think twice, three times, four times, before complaining about anything. Also bought some wool today, to make blankets, and maybe some sunflowers (although I’m still undecided about those, unless a charity shop might take them to sell specifically for the humanitarian appeal). Still can’t quite get rid of the heavy-heartedness though.
    As for “A Few Good Men”: one of my favourite films! Brilliant, brilliant!

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  5. You are not alone in feeling unsettled … I find it very hard to focus on things, and feel bad for both feeling it (how self-indulgent), and for not being grateful enough with my life to be able to keep my thoughts and fears at bay. Whatever I do, feels wrong – you’re so right about that. I’m hoping you escape Covid and that the happy celebratory feeling lasts a bit longer. Many congratulations to your getting-older young man.

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    1. Thinking about Ukraine almost constantly – I stuck a Ukrainian flag in the office window yesterday and we’re still discussing whether to offer to host a refugee family.


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