Me on Monday | 7 March

It was a strange week – full of the minutiae of every day life, coupled with the horror of what is happening in Ukraine and to the Ukrainian people.

  • I went to Hatchards to collect an order
  • My winter boots sprang a leak
  • I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done
  • Miss Tilly was under the weather
  • The Brainy One lectured in-person for two days at the University of Cambridge
  • I made a donation to DEC
  • I began listening to Ukrainecast on BBC Sounds and gained a much broader understanding of how we have reached this point
  • Tilly and I met my friend to walk in the park
  • We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs together
  • I spent an afternoon cyber-cropping with The Best Friend 🙂
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to a Meet the Veterans event at Aces High
  • The Boy made a lemon drizzle cake – his recipe to follow

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 7 March

  1. It is so hard to be here living our normal lives while the atrocities are happening over there isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine how this is all going to end.
    Sorry to hear you have a poorly pup and hope that she is soon back to her usual happy, healthy self.
    Looking forward to that cake recipe, I do love a delicious lemon drizzle cake!

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  2. I hope that Tilly is feeling much better. Oh a lemon drizzle cake recipe – thank you. How did the TBO feel about in person lecturing? It’s for many, a back to the office date of April 2nd, some companies are allowing/offering a hybrid of some days in office, some days working from home. Some staff are actually wanting it to be an all back in the office.

    It is heart wrenching to know that there is such a bully wielding so much power. This war is an fear anvil hanging over all of us, but beyond belief of what’s actually happening to the people of Ukraine.

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      1. I believe that BBC Sounds is available for free across the world … but maybe not in certain countries of the world right now …


  3. Yes you’re right. I turn on the news and feel as if I am in a parallel universe with my little life trundling on as normal. There is no reason why I deserve to be here and them there. I made an (I hope) generous donation to DEC but it felt in many ways like a paltry gesture. Still, maybe those able to access the aid will feel the love and solidarity in it. Get well soon to Tilly!

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    1. A parallel universe is a perfect description for life right now. I’m also wondering whether a cash donation is enough and we’re now looking into other ways we might be able to help.


  4. It’s hard, isn’t it, to work out how best to support those in such difficulty – especially when feeling frustrated (yet again) with our government. Is there a category below ‘glacial’? Glad to hear that your other half has been enjoying interaction with students again, and hoping they lived up to his expectations. Your young man is a marvel – looking forward to that recipe!

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    1. Glacial, that’s one word to use …
      TBO said that the students were engaged and asked lots of questions, which he enjoyed. He teaches on a post graduate course.
      I don’t think The Boy really enjoys how long it takes to bake a cake, but we enjoy the end result!


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