Scrapbooking in 2022 | Gaps in The Boy’s Scrapbooks

As mentioned earlier this week, I’m using this year’s 100 Day Project to finish up any outstanding projects. For speed, I reused favourite designs (and you have to love a class that gives you enough stash for a second layout).

I began with two spreads for The Boy’s albums.

The first one is a home for several professional photos of The Boy, taken back in 2013 for his school’s new prospectus. In the end, he wasn’t chosen, but I’m still grateful that school sent us the images.

The second spread is for The Boy’s current scrapbook and is self-explanatory.

5 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2022 | Gaps in The Boy’s Scrapbooks

  1. That’s so good of the school to send you those photos – and what a lovely layout to use them in, I like the way you’ve used the paint as a background for a school themed page.
    The second one is a great example of how you can use pink papers and floral embellishments on a page without it looking at all feminine. Great work!

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  2. Those photos in the first layout – OM goodness, so cute! Nice layout & like Deb, I like the blue swirl background. The 2nd layout, again I agree with Deb’s comment; using florals is a versatile embellishment. Good start to The 100 Day Project. I’ve done 1 page for the cats’ album. 🙂

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