Trying My Hand (Again) At Card Making

I am not a card maker.

I am terrible at making cards.

But every few years, usually after seeing some lovely scrapbooky cards, I feel the urge to be a card maker. This time around, the urge came from seeing these cards.

I have the same range of paper currently in my stash, so it’s fair to say that my card making has been limited to a straight scraplift. But, well, we all have to start somewhere, right?

I’m quietly chuffed that I’ve managed to make a few cards that I am willing to send to people – I think my beautiful God Daughter will be the first recipient.

Card making – yes or no?

7 thoughts on “Trying My Hand (Again) At Card Making

  1. Ruth those are really beautiful cards & made more beautiful with the thoughts of caring & love for the person that receives. You are an excellent card maker. Keep at it. 🙂

    I like card making & while I have some how amassed a huge collection of stamps, it’s not my strongest skill (stamps have to be able to function both for scrapping & card making in my collection). Paper & die cutting are my joy sources in card making.

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  2. It really doesn’t matter that you have used someone else’s designs to make your cards, that’s how we all learn new things. It looks like you have made a great start on your new card making career 😉

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