Me on Monday | 14 February

It was a week of daily testing, staying close to home and nesting.

  • I was pinged first thing Monday morning for a possible positive contact during Crop in the Country – cue seven days of testing
  • I cancelled meeting my Swim Ladies for coffee, as I couldn’t stand the thought of maybe passing Covid-19 onto them
  • I unpacked all the stuff I took to Crop in the Country
  • I made three cards – more on those soon
  • The Brainy One replaced the shower isolation switch – I held the torch 🙂
  • I collected my new glasses – same frames, new prescription
  • The Brainy One and I binge-watched This Is Going To Hurt with the fabulous Ben Wishaw – best thing we’ve seen on TV in months
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went for haircuts
  • We went for brunch – on the 7th consecutive day of a negative test for me
  • The 100 Day Project began

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 14 February

  1. So glad that you didn’t bring anything home from Crop in the Country other than lots of memories & layouts. You are lucky that rapid tests are so (seemingly) readily available. Trying to get here is like a scavenger hunt. I’ve seen adds for This is Going To Hurt & it does look delightful, alas not available easily here, yet. Oh card making ….

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    1. We’ve been fairly lucky with test availability, although they were particularly scarce just before Christmas. There’s talk of making people pay for them soon, so that will be a whole new set of difficulties …
      Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve actually made another card – number 4!


  2. You just knew that there would be at least one person there who would cause you to be pinged didn’t you?! Thank goodness for 7 days of negativeness.
    I really enjoyed This is going to hurt too. Isn’t Ben Wishaw good? I’m going to try and watch it one week at a time and not binge watch it on iplayer!

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  3. Glad you didn’t get Covid, though given your description of the facilities in the previous post, I’m not surprised you were pinged. Not looking forward to the lack of free lateral tests as I think it will discourage people from doing them – and there seem to be enough people already who think the pandemic is over. Our rates in this rural area are three times higher than during the first lockdown and investigating other areas, that seems fairly typical. Wait till a new more serious variant emerges … Great that you got lots of things done this quiet week!

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    1. I agree that with the future lack of free tests … numbers will seem to fall, but only because people won’t bother taking a test they have to pay for.


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