Me on Monday | 7 February

It was a week of more chores and admin.

  • I ventured to the Apple store to recycle old kit
  • I received my blood test results – all good
  • I sorted out my kit for Crop in the Country
  • I collected my new contact lenses
  • I began clearing out the cr*p from the office desk drawers – it’s a big job
  • The Brainy One and I were supposed to meet friends for coffee, but they cancelled after their son was pinged for a potential Covid contact 😦
  • I’m still watching Chicago Fire
  • I headed off to Crop in the Country

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 7 February

  1. Cleaning the c**p out of your desk resonated with me!!! I just spent 3 1/2 weeks going through every nook and cranny of my scrapbook room. I had to get rid of the dust and dirt from a recent remodel, so decided it was a good time to clean it all out. I hauled two carloads of stuff to donate!!

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    1. In truth, I was sidetracked when clearing out the desk drawers, particularly after a load of the aforementioned c**p fell down the back of the drawer and I couldn’t reach it!
      Take two this week. 🙂
      Great effort from you!


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