Popular Books I Didn’t Enjoy At All

You know that thing where you read a book and think “This is rubbish” and then see reviews on your favourite book blogs and realise, “Oh, apparently I’m on my own here.”

Or the extremely awkward thing where someone recommends a book that is the best book ever and so you read it and you think it is really awful but you pretend it was great (or possibly avoid that friend for the rest of your life).

Anyway, here are four of those books for me, where everyone is constantly recommending them to me and I have to either smile and nod or admit that I didn’t make it through the whole book.

The Night Circus | Back in October 2012 I read about two thirds and wasn’t entirely sure what had even happened or, frankly, if there had even been a plot.

Eat Pray Love | This one is probably in the top spot for bestselling books I could not stand. I abandoned it. Boring, boring, boring.

We Were Liars | I never got into it, and it was just one step above a slog for me. Lots of people who didn’t like this book apparently disliked it because they guessed the twist. I did not guess the twist because I did not get that far. I didn’t bother including it in any monthly book post.

50 Shades of Gray | Okay, this one is a joke. I’ve never read this book and never will.

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8 thoughts on “Popular Books I Didn’t Enjoy At All

  1. When I first read through this post, I was head nodding & saying oh yeah. It was this reason I stopped being part of two book clubs, I never liked the books we were assigned to read & my reading time is far too precious to spend on books that don’t speak to me. It is only in the last few years I gave myself permission to not finish a book if it isn’t grabbing me, in spite of reviews and/or recommendations. Your witty socks speak wisdom.

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  2. I hate giving up on a book and it rarely happens but I could not finish My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. I just could not get into the story and I couldn’t work out why. Maybe because it is a translation from the original Italian, the prose just didn’t flow enough to keep me interested and I didn’t particularly warm to the characters!

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  3. What a great title! I’m with you on number four. I quite often discard books if I’m not gripped by the third chapter. I decided I was perhaps being unfair, so I’ve tried this year to give books more of a chance. However, I’ve just ploughed through “I know what you’ve done” and really didn’t enjoy it, so I might revert to Plan A!

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  4. I wish I could quit a book if I’m not liking it! My OCD just won’t allow it!! However, I agree with a couple of your assessments. I thought Eat Pray Love was boring too. I thought the girl was way too self-absorbed. And 50 Shades! I read the first book just because I wanted to be “in the know” since they were all the rage. I felt that the writing was very amateurish. I’m sure the author could care less what I think as she laughs her way to the bank! I haven’t read the others on your list. I do enjoy your book reviews.

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