Scrapbooking in 2022 | The Goals

Last Summer’s travelers notebook

Given the ongoing pandemic I imagine that most of 2022 will be fairly similar to 2021, and that thought has helped to consolidate this year’s scrapbooking goals.

Storage for albums remains at a premium, so I’m continuing the theme of one layout for each month this year – 12 in 22. Into that album will also go Month in Numbers spreads (although I haven’t decided if I will continue putting those together) and One Little Word spreads (although I have no definitive idea currently how to record the word ‘redefine‘).

So there you have it. There’s a plan, coupled with a few variables, but a plan nonetheless.

How will you be recording your memories throughout 2022?

6 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2022 | The Goals

  1. Re-using your already proven successful method to record travels, numbers & words, I think you’ll find very creative ways to make all of those fresh & unique in 2022, plus you’ll get a creative jab at your cropping in the country retreat.

    Like you I’m pondering what continues for my scrapping plans, what new ways can I record what seems to be another year of “lather, rinse & repeat” of pandemic restrictions. But enough boowho me … have you seen some of the new Simple Stories collections & oh look, in my decluttering there does seem to be just enough room on the shelf for one more album!

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  2. That sounds like a good way to manage the space problem … It does take some thinking about, doesn’t it. Fail to plan, plan to fail … I’m going for a photobook, and using my bullet journal.

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