Planning for Isolation

The Boy has been pinged a second time about probable contact with someone with Covid. In this particular case, we know that three of his class mates have tested positive. 😦

One in 10 Londoners had Covid at the beginning of 2022. Our London borough currently has approximately 1,815 cases per 100,000. As of last week, only 47.8% of people living in our borough had received a double dose plus a booster.

It’s time to think seriously about the thought of 5 days of isolation at home and how to manage it … what follows next is lighthearted, in no particular order, dependent on how poorly I might feel and whether The Brainy One and The Boy were also positive.

(Separate arrangements would have to be made for Tilly.)

  • Order a new book or three. Reading is a great escape and a good way to distract you from your thoughts
  • Order your favourite foods and treat yourself to a takeaway
  • Open the windows and let the fresh air in, particularly if you are isolating in one room
  • Have a shower and clean your teeth every day. Keeping to a routine is important.
  • Find a TV series to binge watch
  • Organise a FaceTime/Zoom/Skype call for every day
  • Cry if you want to
  • If you feel well enough, move your body. I recommend Pilates at Your Desk on Instagram
  • Spend time on your hobby, guilt free

Have you had to isolate? How did you manage the 10 days? Did you isolate alone or with your family?

8 thoughts on “Planning for Isolation

  1. Good advice! When Paul tested positive I was quite shocked and you realise that suddenly your normal way of life has changed in the blink of an eye. Our main concern was dog walking if I’m honest. Most other things can be delivered and entertainment is freely available in your home but when a dog wants a walk, a dog WANTS a walk! Rachel and family were in isolation too, the lady who looks after Coco when we are on holiday was on holiday herself and although people may casually say ‘if you need any help dog walking …’ you can’t assume they will be available at the right time of day. It was all down to me. So my main wish for you is that none of you get it, but if you do, my second wish is that you don’t get it at the same time so that you can stagger responsibilities!

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  2. I hope that all three of you remain safe & healthy. Heard on the news last night BoJo has removed all restrictions, no mask wearing even in the classroom! YIKES. But thankfully it sounds like London has in place some official ways of knowing. Locally we don’t have access to tests, there’s no trace notifciation system in place & there may or may not be notification of students in same class testing positive unless it gets to 30% (government is back & forth on the percentage). So hence why we isolate & just stay home. Can Tilly at least get out into the back garden for a wee & a few moments of ball throw/chase?

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    1. We shall be ignoring most of what BoJo has said, certainly when it comes to mask wearing, keeping your distance and staying close to home.
      We are lucky to have a small garden and that Tilly is a small dog. She is, however, part Spaniel and very used to long walks a day …


  3. I just posted about this today—what I’ve been doing during my 5 days of isolation. But, I took another Covid test and am still positive. I guess I’ll be staying in a bit longer. Sounds like you have a good plan!

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  4. Knock on wood, we have not had to isolate yet. Reading and music would definitely be priorities, as well as creative excuses for not doing Pilates at home – at least then I’d be exercising my brain, right?

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