Me on Monday | 17 January

It was a week where not much happened, probably because we stayed close to home.

  • The Boy was pinged a second time for a possible Covid-19 contact – three of his classmates subsequently tested positive – so he had another 7 days of daily lateral flow tests
  • I went to the orthodontist to have my permanent retaining bar repaired again
  • The Brainy One and I submitted our comments/concerns for inclusion in The Boy’s upcoming annual Statement Review
  • I culled all the too small clothing in The Boy’s wardrobe and donated a bin bag of clothes to Oxfam
  • I emptied and restacked the contents of the airing cupboard
  • I culled the contents of my own wardrobe and donated a binbag of clothes to Oxfam
  • We met up with a few family members at my sister-in-love’s house for a birthday tea party (everyone had a negative LFT). Two of The Colombian‘s sisters were in town and there was a baby
  • We met The Brother at Bicester Scramble – an outdoors event where every single person present had to produce evidence of a negative LFT/Covid passport before being allowed entry onto the site

7 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 17 January

  1. Judging by how fast TB is growing I would think that the teenage section in Oxfam is now very well stocked!
    I do hope that the annual review for him is productive and they address the items that you have raised in a positive manner.
    You must be getting through so many boxes of LFTs! Better to be safe than sorry though. Fingers crossed that the vaccine helps keep you all safe.

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  2. A busy week for you. How worrying to have to keep doing the LFT’s. Lucky that you can locally find LFT’s – in Canada we are experiencing a shortage of any type of COVID testing (free or paid for) & if you go to the hospital, they won’t test you unless you have symptoms that could require hospitalization. We are being told, if you think you have Omicron you probably do. OK enough of that … Lucky Oxfam! A future post about the scramble? And how exciting to start the new year off with a baby cuddle.

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    1. LFTs are in hard to find here as well.
      We didn’t enjoy Scramble as much as previous years … not enough older cars for us … although it was good to see The Brother.
      No cuddling with the baby allowed, as Mama was anxious re potential Covid transmission, even though wed all had negative LFTs.


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