One Little Word 2022 | Redefine

Twenty twenty two marks my/our 12th year of One Little Word.

This year’s word was difficult to pin down – I had a list of six possible words for quite a while. But in the end, it was redefine that constantly floated to the surface.

Redefine will allow another year of challenges, of new growth with fresh starts and readjustments. Things in my life I have held onto I am letting go of and allowing myself to look through a new lens. Why not? The old was good, but change is great.

I think redefine is a word that will suit me/us in 2022, particularly after these last two years of a global pandemic.

Redefine | transitive verb | to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change.

What word will you carry with you throughout 2022?

You can find our previous words here:

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16 thoughts on “One Little Word 2022 | Redefine

  1. An excellent choice – it’s a word we should all try to take on board. It’s very easy to stick with something that is comfortable but who knows whether or not change might make things even better?

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  2. That’s a word full of possibilities for so many areas of life! A new lens is always interesting, and being curious about the one we usually look out of and what other vistas there might be if we tried a different one can be very ‘juicy’.

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  3. Oh My Goodness … we are so of like mind. I like your OLW a lot & when I finally get around to it this coming Monday, you’ll see we have been thinking SO much a like about OLW. My OLW is definitely cousin to yours!!! You will do great things, impossible things, with this word as your guide.

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