Me on Monday | 10 January | The Extended Version

Sunset, 4 January 2022
  • We spent the new year with our closest friends – buffet supper, drinks and lots of laughing. All of us took lateral flow tests on the 29th and again on the morning of the 31st.
  • I broke a piece off my newly repaired retaining bar (lower set of teeth).
  • The Boy and I visited the almost deserted Waterstones flagship book shop in Piccadilly.
  • The Boy returned to school.
  • I made an appointment to see the orthodontist.
  • I was pinged for a possible contact with someone on December 29th who had subsequently tested positive. That was the morning I went to donate blood. Current guidelines meant that I did not need to isolate but did need to do a lateral flow test for seven consecutive days. All tests have been negative.
  • We were informed that a member of The Boy’s teaching team had tested positive. Current guidelines meant that he did not need to isolate but did need to do a lateral flow test for seven consecutive days. All tests have been negative so far.
  • I went to the {almost empty} salon to have my eyebrows done.
  • I met my friend for a cuppa and a walk around the park with Tilly.
  • We cancelled a dog walk with my sister-in-love because of terrible weather and both major routes to her house being closed for roadworks.
  • I was saddened to hear that the official number of UK Covid deaths has passed 150,000 (150,057 on the 8th). In reality, I suspect the number is much higher.
  • The Boy celebrated his 15th birthday with brunch and his choice of supper – Chicken Mozzarella and chocolate Swiss roll.

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 10 January | The Extended Version

  1. Belated happy birthday wishes to TB – 15? That seems hard to believe!
    Pleased that negative tests continued. Even after living with someone who had covid I remained negative which I still find amazing bearing in mind how contagious this strain is!
    I remember the drama of my daughter’s retaining bar snapping after she had her brace removed, it happened so often! In the end she had it removed and relied on the nighttime retainers to keep things on the straight and narrow. 15 years later and she is still wearing it overnight!

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    1. A week of negative tests for me … but The Boy was pinged again this morning, so another week of testing.
      My orthodontist didn’t charge for the repair, thankfully. I also wear overnight retainers.


  2. Fifteen? Oh my, it seems no time since you were posting about the struggle to find a secondary school for him … Many congratulations to you all :). Golly, hoping you get the retaining bar sorted – such an unfortunate thing to happen. I reckon by the time I’m seventy, I’ll be puréeing everything :(. Here’s to a nicer and less fraught week for you …

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  3. Happy Birthday wishes to TB. Thankfully (so far) the pings haven’t proved to be more than a heads up warning. January is certainly showing herself to be a testy month of weather so hopefully Ms January gets in line with better weather for those all important dog walks with loved ones.

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