What Was Your Best/Favourite Christmas Present?

In the run up to festive season, The Brainy One and I discussed the whole ethos of Christmas present buying; we agreed that we would be more considerate in our purchasing, only buying things that would truly be used and loved.

Could there be a more ideal pair of socks for me (apart from these, obviously)? I can neither confirm nor deny that I bought them for myself …

What was your best/favourite Christmas gift ?

5 thoughts on “What Was Your Best/Favourite Christmas Present?

  1. I consciously tried to shop local this year, and not feel the need to add a few extra bits and pieces on top of presents as those ‘bits and pieces’ all add to the cost and are rarely things that get used/loved.
    My best present was a new iPad. My old one (and it was really old!) gave up the ghost in October. I turned it off one day and it never turned on again. I tried all the tips and hacks that google could offer me and then turned to Apple who told me that it was ‘obsolete’ and was at the point where it could no longer run. I’m so happy to have a new one!
    The worst present was received by Paul – Covid! I’ll say no more!

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    1. It sounds as though our iPad is from the same batch as your original one …
      I have my fingers crossed that Covid has now left your house …


  2. I like those socks. The other socks would have been fun too. In this house Christmas gift was really hampered by the craziness of Omicron but in the end that lack of shopping opportunities was an OK thing. We have really re-thought what & where things come from & I heard myself saying what my Gran always told us …. “want isn’t need”.

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