The Best Kind of Early Christmas Present

Before heading home after our night in town, The Boy and I swung by St. Thomas’ Hospital on Westminster Bridge Road to see if the Vaccination Centre was accepting teenage walk-ins.

They were.

The staff were utterly brilliant. Once they knew about The Boy’s autism, they went above and beyond to ensure that he was rapidly moved to the front of the queue (which I estimated at 60-90 minutes wait). Action which helped The Boy to avoid heightened anxiety and/or a sensory overload.

This #autismmum is so very grateful to the wonderful humans who staff our beloved NHS.

Receiving the vaccine is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself and those you love.

10 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Early Christmas Present

  1. That is brilliant! The staff and volunteers at the clinics that we have attended have all been so helpful and friendly and despite being rushed off their feet are remarkably cheerful. I’m so pleased that they were mindful of TB’s needs and went above and beyond to make his visit as stress free as possible. We are so lucky to have such a brilliant NHS.

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  2. A very good Christmas gift. Cue the exhale for #autismmum. I agree 100% about thanks to our fabulous staff at the NHS or as it is called in Ontario, OHIP.

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