December Daily | Days 6-10

Day 6 was finally being able to assemble correctly the stars now hanging in our kitchen window. 🙂

Day 7 was about the legendary double issue of the Radio Times going on sale and Carols by Candlelight. I included my negative lateral flow test after a comment by Mary-Lou. 🙂

Day 8 was all about the tree in Trafalgar Square. I added an extra pocket and printed out a photo in A4 size, which I then cut down to 3×8.

I added The Boy’s Christmas List at this point.

Day 9 was about news of an engagement within the family 🙂 and shopping for books to give the Little People.

Day 10 was all about wrapping the books bought the day before. I paired this with a 4×8 filler page.

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.

8 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 6-10

  1. Every year I look at your lovely December Daily project and think “I should do that next year” and then I never do! What a great way to record the days leading up to Christmas, and I agree that the lateral flow test stick definitely needed to be included!

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  2. Oh I wish I had an Auntie like you, not just for the book giving … I read online about the why Norway sends a tree to England; lovely remembrance. I guess the grumbling at a tree is safer than grumbling at people especially as Omicron begins the process of stealing a “normal” Christmas. Nova Scotia, Canada, sends a Christmas tree every year to Boston, USofA, as a way of remembering all the help they gave in 1917 (ammunition’s boat explosion in the Halifax habour) Nice of TB to let a photo be shared with his favourite holiday celebration – The Radio Times double issue.

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    1. I’ll happily be your auntie … 🙂
      The Boy counts the days until the release of the Radio Times double issue and insists on reminding every day! 🙂


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