Me on Monday

It was a cold week, with some sunshine and some rain.

  • I posted our overseas Christmas cards
  • I made a dent in the number of Christmas cards still needing to be written
  • December Daily began mid-week
  • I endured yet another lengthy meeting over MS Teams
  • I went for a mammogram
  • We hosted our annual Christmas drinks party. Our friends arrived waving negative lateral flow tests. 🙂
  • Our closest friends stayed the night
  • I had a pleasant afternoon watching Chicago Fire while working on December Daily

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Isn’t it a sign of the times that your ‘hostess gift’ is a negative result flow test! How lovely that your drinks party was able to go ahead AND have friends stay over – I’m so pleased for you.
    Christmas card writing is on my agenda for today, but first a trip to the post office to buy the stamps and send overseas items.

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  2. How wonderful that you could still host your annual drinks party; I do hope one of your guests left the flow test with you to include in the DD! (col). All my own Christmas cards have now been mailed. Today I’ll work on the cards that need to be sent on behalf of the church; an idea our People’s Warden just had on Thursday that left us scrambling to get cards, stamps, labels & someone (me) to volunteer to write them out. I think this card will be my POTD for the DD. Thankfully things like mammograms are still being done amid all the COVID chaos in hospitals & clinics.

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    1. The breast clinic has moved from our local hospital to the second floor of a local health centre – a small and compact set-up, but it did the trick.


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