Four Fun Things

  • I discovered a new-to-me word and I’m planning on using it in a conversation very soon
  • We went early with Christmas and the tree was up before the end of November (lights only)
  • I cooked up a huge batch of Nigella’s Cranberry Sauce
  • I’d like these socks to be in my Christmas stocking 🙂

4 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. Excellent new word & yes it’s a word that needs further use. LOL at those socks; & the nice thing is depending on the mood & who, only one sock needs to be held up! I wish more people in my life liked & used cranberry sauce. Yes to Christmas trees to help with cheerfulness in the gloom of November.

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    1. It is a good word, isn’t it … wondering how long it will take for me to slip it into a conversation.
      I love cranberry sauce, but only the fresh stuff. I’d gift you a jar if you lived near me.

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  2. One of my Dad’s favourite words :). Do let us know what sentence you used it in. You seem very ahead in your preparations: great organisation. My son still has the card on his desk I gave him many years ago which says: “I love to party – and by ‘party’, I mean read books”.

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