Four Ways to Give Back During a Second Covid Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving, right?  It can, however, also be the season where everything becomes a little too hectic and you lose sight of what’s important. 

The Brainy One and I give to charity all year-round and have done since we were first married. This year, so many more people are in need of extra support and we’ve thought a great deal about how best we might be able to help.

Here are four ways we’re embracing the season of giving:

  1. Donating money and dry foodstuffs to a food bank.  We donate cash to the food bank where our brother-in-law is a trustee and cooker of Christmas lunch for 50+ homeless people, and we donate a basket of groceries at our local supermarket.
  2. Donating a Christmas gift to a charity local to us and filling a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  3. We’ve supported the Metropolitan Police’s Christmas Appeal again this year.  I bought gift vouchers to donate to a teen the same age as The Boy.
  4. Donating a pint of blood.  Supplies often run low over the Christmas and New Year period, so maybe consider donating a pint as a Christmas gift to yourself.  I’m donating on the 29th.  British readers can find out more here.

6 thoughts on “Four Ways to Give Back During a Second Covid Christmas

  1. Great ideas. Our local food back does a ‘reverse advent’ where they ask people to collect one item a day for 24 days in November and then bring them in for donation in time for 1st December. We’ve taken part for a couple of years now and it’s not that difficult to put together a few items at the end of every weekly shop.
    Last year we also decided that as postage had gone up so much we would reduce the amount of cards we sent and make a donation to charity instead. There were people on the list who we had not seen for years or heard of from one Christmas to the next and it just seemed sensible to use that money for charity instead. We did make one exception, elderly relatives remain on the list as we know how much a card through the post can mean to them.

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  2. The line from A Christmas Carol with Alister Sims always comes to mind at the time of year “It is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundance rejoices ” & your post reflects this in the giving & a timely reminder.

    We also have a few favourite charities that we give extra to at Christmas” This year my 12 Days of Christmas Blessings is stretching us more to give when we rejoice the season & we’ve picked a new additional charity for that. My ladies Bible Study group does the reverse advent for families in need.

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  3. There are so many feeling the extra support needed this year, that’s for sure. We also give year-round, but have enjoyed doing extra during the holidays. This past week, I actually went shopping (a rarity still) and purchased items for a local children’s hospital. Our local scrapbook store is a drop-off point for the items, so it was a good outing all around.

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