Me on Monday

It was a week of some sunshine, a lot of grey skies and a big drop in temperature.

Bond Street in London’s West End
  • I nipped into town for a spot of Christmas shopping – I was there for opening and home again within the hour
  • I baked cookies to celebrate a friend’s birthday
  • Friends came to stay overnight – what a treat!
  • London managed to avoid the worst of Storm Arwen
  • Restrictions were announced in the light of the new variant – we’ve already been doing what is now required
  • We went for brunch

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. That sounds like a good week in all respects!
    I’m so thankful that the storm managed to miss us – just looking at the photos of the conditions in the north make me feel cold.
    I did wonder what was coming when they said that Boris was doing another briefing, but like you, I haven’t stopped wearing my mask anyway!

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  2. A good week by all accounts … I like the view of the decorations in your photo. There’s something to be said for the comfort of baking & especially when it is for a friend & how lovely “the like a brother” & his wife visited. So mask wearing is back on the agenda in GB?

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    1. Mask wearing will be compulsory from tomorrow in all shops, on public transport and for secondary school age children in communal areas (ie, in their classrooms).
      We never stopped wearing a mask in shops and on the Tube.


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