Celebrating All Age Friendship

I have few close friends and I’m happy with that. I’m not someone who needs hundreds of friends. Those people on Facebook who claim more than 1,000 friends? To me, that sounds simply exhausting.

But what I have noticed about my close friends is that a fair few are much older than me. The ladies Tilly and I met for coffee and a catch-up earlier this week are both old enough to be my mum. One has already celebrated her 80th birthday.

They are intelligent, funny, kind and generous women. They have raised their children and are helping to raise their grandchildren. They are well travelled and well informed. They have an anecdote for every occasion. They are engaged with their community and with the wider world.

They are my friends and one of the best things about friendship is that age doesn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating All Age Friendship

  1. I couldn’t agree more! One of my loveliest friends when I was newly married and pre children was a lady who was more than 25 years older than me. She had so many tales to tell, advice you could trust and a wonderful sense of adventure. Even into her 80s she thought nothing of getting on a plane and jetting off around the world because she wanted to see for herself where a certain fair-trade product came from!
    How lovely to see you all (and Tilly) enjoying a chat and a coffee 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful post about friendship. That is truly one of the gifts life has given us is the ability to make, have & keep friends.

    PS – in my jaded opinion, F/B friends numbering 1,000 friends, heck 100 friends, really are just clicking yes to accept friend for a number wow factor …

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