An Epic Fail by Mum

On a recent Sunday morning, I took The Boy to the cinema to see Dear Evan Hansen. We had tickets for the 09.50 screening and snacks in my bag. 🙂

In the time of Covid, go to the cinema for the first screening of the day

Screen 15 turned out to be in the broom cupboard, but that was fine because it looked as though we were the only punters. No need to wear our masks and no tutting from other punters if The Boy was a little loud.

So we sat there and then we sat there some more. 09.50 came and went. No dimming of the lights. No adverts at a volume that makes the audience jump.

Have you guessed where this is going?

At a little after 10.00, I went in search of a member of staff and asked if there was a problem. When she asked to see our tickets, we realised my error at the same time … I’d booked for the 09.50 PM screening.


But really, who goes to see a film at that time of night? And a time of 09.50 suggests before noon in my book.

The staff was very nice, no obvious laughing at me and an immediate refund.

So we went home …

… and watched Last Christmas on Netflix, because as The Boy correctly remarked, “it’s never too early for a Christmas film.”

10 thoughts on “An Epic Fail by Mum

  1. ah North America is seeping into your time schedules (lol).I much prefer to deal on the 24 hour clock. Last Christmas quickly became one of our favourites & TB isn’t wrong, never too early to watch a Christmas movie!

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  2. Luckily you were able to save the day with Netflix! I would have done a double-take with a 9:50 movie as they do not start that early here. I hope that you’ve been able to see Dear Evan Hanson by now. It was fabulous!! Of course, I love musical theater–and most of those that make it to the big screen!

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    1. Our local cinema often has films rated 12 and under on early during a weekend (but not Dear Evan Hansen, it seems …). We still haven’t seen it, but fingers crossed.
      I’m another who loves musical theatre. 🙂


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