Me on Monday

A week of half term, jumpers under coats, strong winds and a few days of torrential rain.

Downward Dog, Covent Garden Piazza
  • The Boy and I spent 24 hours in town
  • I received a text inviting me to book my Covid booster jab
  • We spent a morning hanging out with my sister-in-love and one of our great nephews
  • We went out for a pizza and pub supper
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to Duxford
  • The Brainy One had his Covid booster
  • The Boy and I went to the cinema, but didn’t actually see a film …

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. That last comment is intriguing!
    Did they enjoy Duxford? They often have interesting events going on there. The farm where J & S were living is right under the flight path for air displays at Duxford and they could spend an afternoon in the garden with a perfect view!

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  2. Yeah to Booster jabs! So last week’s report said “started to watch …” & following up with “we didn’t actually see a film” … too many in the theatre?? OR a surprise visit with Daniel Craig??!! With the men folk out of the house for the day, I hope you got some quality “me, alone” time.

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    1. A surprise visit from Daniel Craig would have been very welcome, but no. More on what did happen later this week.
      And with the boys out, I did indeed have some me time, thanks. 🙂


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