Things He Says | The If Only You Knew Edition

“Being the only one in our family with autism is lonely.” *

* The Boy might be the only one in our family with an official diagnosis of autism, but he is far from the only one to have it. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Things He Says | The If Only You Knew Edition

  1. Oh, this brought a lump to my throat.
    Your * sentence is very apt. There are so many people who are undiagnosed, and the ‘spectrum’ is so wide that I am sure that many people just haven’t been identified. Either due to their age, because autism would never have been recognised when I was a child, or because parents have not sought help or diagnosis.
    Give him a big hug from me x

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    1. Here’s the thing … those family members are all in denial about having autism. So much so, I was told, via a third party, to stop talking about X and Y being autistic. Whatever … they still have autism …
      Hug given. 🙂


  2. Oh I felt my heart skip a beat there. So poignant and at the same time brave of him to acknowledge his feelings out loud.
    Of course, as his parents you live alongside him and the consequences for you both are huge. I can’t seem to put into words exactly what I mean, I hope you understand my thoughts are from a good place

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  3. Autism along with being a teen is a combo of making one feel lonely & certainly not understood. TB has wisdom beyond any diagnosis. So many levels of Autism now being understood is a good thing, a helpful thing.

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