Right Now …

  • Thinking about rising Covid case numbers, Christmas plans and a new back door
  • Happily back in a scrapbooking groove after an almost craft-free Summer
  • Watching the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?, Shetland and Impeachment: American Crime Story
  • Planning a few outings during half-term (Covid dependent)
  • Researching a long haul destination for travel during the Summer of 2022
  • Donating shoes and clothes to our local charity shop
  • Completing an end-of-Summer tidy up of the garden and looking to see which bedding plants may have died
  • Wondering how much longer we’ll have to endure the daily banging, shouting and generator noise from the building site next door

6 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. Wasn’t the Josh Widdicombe episode of WDYTYA interesting? I didn’t have high expectations for it but, my goodness!
    The rising numbers are concerning aren’t they? I feel like I am in the minority of wearing a mask when I go into any shop, those of my age group seem to still be wearing them but it seems that the younger people have given up with it completely. Only a month until I can book my booster!
    Our garden is looking a bit tatty now, I need to go out there and remove the bedding plants which finished. I do hope that you don’t have to endure the noise from next door for too much longer.

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  2. Seasonal tidying up of the garden is such a mixed emotional time for me, hopefully you still have lots of plants doing their job of being glorious. Recently on my review of some workmen, one of my points was that there was no shouting or use of bad language (that we could hear), so I feel for you having to put up with that everyday, it wears you down. Perhaps a new insulated back door will help to cut down noise. Hopefully by the time summer 2022 rolls around, Alberta won’t be experiencing such worrying COVID behaviour, & numbers … I’ll say no more for now.

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    1. My lovely Cosmos died, which I’m actually quite sad about. 😦
      I’m hoping the roof might be on and the windows in by the end of the year – noise levels have to be quieter after that, right?
      The Canadian trip is still very much in the planning stage …


  3. I’ve so tired of thinking about Covid, but it’s still lingering. When we get out (very seldom still), we’re among the minority still wearing masks around here.

    We haven’t started thinking about travel for next year yet, but we’ve also been doing a little decluttering and donating of items.

    Last month I had to replace my laptop & it’s taken me a while to get it all set up, software installed, settings changed, and passwords entered … so I’m just getting around to catching up today. 🙂

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    1. The pandemic is wearying … lots of people no longer wearing masks here as well.
      Planning a trip is fun, but who knows if it actually happens …


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