Me on Monday

We’re back to staying close to home, as the continuing rise in case numbers is alarming. Last week the UK had the second highest number of new infections in the world (behind the USA).

Saturday’s sunrise | 07.29 hours
  • I prepped for a Zoom meeting, only for it to be cancelled at the eleventh hour
  • My old Epson printer finally gave up the ghost. I’ve ordered this model as a replacement
  • We marked our wedding anniversary with a glass of bubbly and a Chinese takeaway
  • I had my Winter flu jab
  • Tilly went for a haircut 🙂
  • The Boy and I watched Liverpool thrash Watford 5-Nil

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. What a beautiful sky – such lovely colours.
    I’m guessing that your loyal Epson printer has been kept busy over the years, I hope that the new one is just as reliable. We have an Epson printer too, and it’s quite old, we can’t buy the ink cartridges in shops any more, we have to purchase online which makes me wonder if they will be discontinued at some point. I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of fun putting your new one through its paces with printing off photos!

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    1. The old machine actually gave me a few messages telling me that it was wearing out, as did the one before that. 🙂 If the new one lasts as long, I’ll have my money’s worth.
      The Epson website will tell you which machines still use your particular ink cartridge type.- that’s how I knew that the model I’ve been using is no longer available.


  2. A beautiful morning sky captured. Ah yes printers & the now elusive ink cartridges, it seems we are all being corralled into the “ink tanks” option. 😦 Congratulations on the wedding anniversary.

    It seems COVID isn’t finished with us yet & that a 3rd jab (booster) will be required. I am thankful that our vaccination rates are high & fingers crossed the new cases numbers are stabilizing. Flu jabs are just starting to be available, more important than ever I think.

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  3. That’s a stunning photo of the sky, Ruth … It’s nice to have something to take your breath away, rather than the Covid figures! Indeed they are scary – I have no idea why this is getting so little coverage in the press. I’ve never been able to see how ‘letting infection rip through the public’ is a workable strategy when there is zero possibility of ‘herd immunity’ for a virus that mutates, against which vaccination is only partially effective, and which you can get more than once. Am I missing something? Good to read that you’re taking care of yourselves and finding little pleasures …

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    1. I don’t think you’re missing anything at all … the pandemic seems to have dropped off the nation’s radar and there’s another concern right there!


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