Me on Monday

It was another full week.

  • The decorator was here for two days
  • We changed out the pendant light fittings in our living room
  • I put the living room back together, swapping furniture between rooms as I went
  • The Brainy One’s cousins stopped by en route to a few days in town
  • The Brainy One celebrated a significant birthday
  • We had visitors stay overnight Friday and Saturday nights … for the first time in two years
  • We hosted our planned gathering for around 45 friends and family … which made us all a little nervous, but was ultimately a huge success
  • I forgot to compile Month in Numbers

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. So pleased the gathering took place and went well – I’m guessing this isn’t just a coincidence that it happened around the time of a significant birthday 😉

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  2. Certainly a very busy time. Glad to hear that the gathering was a success for TBO’s birthday. Interesting about re-purposing furniture between rooms; it is a concept I’d like to try rather getting rid of or buying new, shop from my own.

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  3. Lovely to hear how well the Big Occasion and the family get-together went :). Small wonder there wasn’t much head space for Month In Numbers. My Dad was forever shifting furniture around, well into his eighties – except it usually involved us doing the physical shifting!

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