Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 17 (and Probably The Final Part)

As previously mentioned, I’d chosen to end my Covid journals on the day all restrictions were lifted in England.

Let’s begin with the delay in ending Covid restrictions and an updated green list. I made an interactive flap and used patterned paper of Europe to add interest.

The media had been reporting on things the prime minister was apparently going to announce re the lifting of restrictions on July 19th – someone in Downing Street was obviously leaking like a sieve! 🙂 We had friends round for coffee and cake in the garden.

Buckingham Palace announced that the NHS had been collectively awarded the George Cross. 🙂 Boris Johnson announce that the time was right to end restrictions as planned … I would disagree. The UK government approved quarantine-free holidays in amber countries from mid July. The vaccination team where my friend works celebrated reaching 50,000 jabs given. 🙂

I recorded a few thoughts in mid-July and added the latest cover of Private Eye.

A bit more swearing after learning about the antics of certain politicians and my thoughts on the day after restrictions were lifted. The final entry is The Boy receiving a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

There’s space left for one more 3×4 entry …

4 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 17 (and Probably The Final Part)

  1. WOW to all that you have recorded in the last pages of the COVID journal. The final photo of TB getting his jab is probably a significant moment in all of this. I’m not sure if I have an end date in mind for finishing my COVID journal . Congratulations to the NHS, well earned, well deserved.

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  2. I always love your honesty in your journalling, as well as your mix of family photos and newspaper info/cuttings – and this Covid scrapbook is going to be such a gem looking back. I share your frustration about the lifting of the Covid restrictions. It’s now two months after your diary entry on the 15 July and the number of infections nationally today is 34,520. In this rural area, the current infection rate is 333 per 100,000 which is five times as high as it was during the second lockdown. I despair.

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    1. Numbers are continuing to rise and that’s a worry. I see more and more people not wearing a mask in a store or on the Tube. We are venturing out and about, but we go early and try to keep away from crowds.


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