Me on Monday

It was a busy week, with lovely Autumnal weather

  • We took delivery of a brand new mattress for our bed
  • Tilly and I met our friend for a long afternoon walk
  • I went to see Chelsea in Bloom 🙂
  • There was a day of Zoom meetings 😦
  • There was a lot of moving furniture around
  • Several hundred books were taken off bookshelves
  • The decorator arrived – he’s repainting the living room and downstairs loo (using up the surplus paint from the redecoration earlier this summer)
  • The plumber was here for half a day
  • There were several frustrating phone calls re the gathering we are hoping to host shortly
  • There were several orders placed for new home furnishings 🙂
  • We enjoyed brunch in our favourite Thames-side pub
  • We enjoyed Sunday lunch with the family in honour of The Brainy One’s upcoming significant birthday

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Chelsea in Bloom looks fabulous – how lucky that the weather was so nice, everywhere looks so much better when the sun is shining.
    I’m sure your house is feeling very disrupted at the moment but it will be well worth it when the decorators have finished and everything is fresh and new. Where on earth are you storing several hundred books while the work is being done? That’s a challenge in itself!
    A significant birthday on the horizon – that definitely is a cause for celebration!

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  2. What a busy week & it seems it had its full of frustrating moments but thankfully highlighted with some happy joyous moments. The Chelsea garden looks delightful – can you go in it? Ah a new bed, better sleep? A milestone birthday to celebrate is a perfect way to start the week.

    Hahaha to your Marie Kondo moment of the books piled on the bed … if it included lots of plants it could have also been a Chelsea contender …

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  3. Wow, Chelsea in Bloom must have been a visual feast if your photo is anything to go by … and a nice break from all the things-upside-down at home? Hoping it’s all completed soon and you can settle into your new space and really enjoy it. Intrigued about the books – are they going anywhere?

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