Slow Summer And How We Did It In The Time Of COVID

There’s always something to see in town

Slow Summer outings were defined like this:

  1. Choose a quirky/unusual destination in town
  2. Go and look at it
  3. Take photos
  4. Go for coffee and cake
  5. Go home

And that’s exactly what we did. I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. I did, however, make great use of this book.

Where possible, we walked. Failing that, if we used the Tube, we got off several stops before our destination to minimise our time underground with strangers and then walked to where we wanted to be. It was the same going home, we walked past several stations on our route before jumping on a train.

Sometimes we did several destinations in one day so that we didn’t use public transport more than necessary. Those days were more of a not-quite-so-Slow-Summer (and a high daily step count) but still worked well.

While I’m hopeful that next Summer will be a time for overseas travel again, if not, well, there’s plenty more Slow Summer outings across London waiting to be discovered.

4 thoughts on “Slow Summer And How We Did It In The Time Of COVID

  1. It seems that the book was great inspiration for you as you have definitely found some unusual things to see and do. Good idea to skip a few tube stations, I’m sure that sometimes it’s just as quick to walk between stations as it is to be on the tube!

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