Four Fun Things

Even though I have no need of a new mug, I need this one.

I’m considering purchasing an Autumn wreath to hang on my front door. {But will someone pinch it?}

We’re hosting a gathering soon {Eek! 🙂 Will we remember how to actually host a gathering?} and I’m considering a spot of emoji fun for the younger guests.

I love everything about this dress, except maybe the price …

7 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. A gathering! How exciting! Definitely set up a little ‘selfies’ photo booth – do you have a polaroid camera? They’re always a bit hit with the youngsters.
    That dress is lovely and I think you should view it as a ‘price per wear’ situation, if you bought one you didn’t like as much for £150 and only wore it once, it’s an expensive purchase. If you buy this one and wear it six times it’s a bargain 😉

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  2. I also like the mug & its message; a wreath on the door, yes; I change monthly; hosting a gathering!!! brave you, indoors? a vote for the dress, a no for the price … and I bet if you did a photo booth set up, it would be a hit with all ages. Happy weekend.

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