Me on Monday

It was a week where we embraced the return of the back-to-school routine.

  • There were haircuts all round
  • The Boy returned to school in Year 10 (after producing two negative tests)
  • My copy of The Heart Principle finally arrived. (I think Helen Hoang essentially rewrote this book during the final edit, because the story now is nothing like we were led to believe)
  • I agreed a start date for the next round of decorating
  • I purchased two more lampshades (and wasn’t impressed to see that they’d gone up in price by £5)
  • I began work on a Travelers Notebook to record our Lakeland long weekend
  • We went out to brunch (my new favourite thing to do)
  • We met friends at Osterley Park for a lovely morning in glorious sunshine

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Now that sounds like a very good week to me! Fingers crossed that schools are able to stay open with some sense of normality.
    Brunch followed by a walk in the sunshine makes for a very enjoyable day!

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  2. Brunch is also a favourite of ours & your recent Insta of said brunch looked very tasty. Fingers crossed that a return to in class learning stays a thing. Even with his first jab, does TB still have to do weekly testing? Oh more decorating sounds exciting. We recently had to pick a colour for the painting of our outside chimney – took us days to finally agree on a colour.

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  3. He’s looking very smart and ready-to-go :). Yes, the testing regime is going to be quite taxing, I think. My grandsons in Germany, where rates are a lot lower than here, have to wear msks in the classroom as well. Brunch is such a lovely autumnal thing!

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  4. My poor grands are wearing masks at school. I am glad for them to have that layer of protection but we are all so weary with this virus. The boy’s haircut looks very sharp!! Back-to-school ready!!

    Wish we could discover a new place to brunch. Going to look into that this weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing your travel journal pics.

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