Slow Summer | The Mosaic House

The Mosaic House, West London

The Mosaic House in West London’s Chiswick is an Instagram staple. It’s actually the home of artist Carrie Reichardt and when looking at it, I pondered several things …

  1. Is it art?
  2. Do I like it?
  3. What has the ‘art’ done for the value of the property?
  4. What do the neighbours think?
Rear of the property

It’s not my cup of tea … thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Slow Summer | The Mosaic House

  1. Whilst I appreciate the skill and use of colour it is not my cup of tea either. I was wondering who the blue plaque was celebrating. This house reminds me of the murals etc in Camden high street. I too wonder what the neighbouring home owners think.

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    1. Good to know that I am not the only one who isn’t keen on it. The plaque looks to be art of the “artistic” design!
      I thought about the neighbours, but surely you wouldn’t rent or buy in that road if you didn’t like it …


  2. I think it’s awesome–the house that is. I’m not sure about the truck—that looks a little junky to me. I would not like to own it, but I think I’d be okay if it was next door—until that is—tourists (like me) swamp the place for photos. You can bet I’ve put it on my list!! I’m so happy I discovered you!! You’ve given me so many fun ideas for our next visit!

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  3. Well, I’m clearly in a minority here, as I think all those mosaics are pretty amazing! I love all the patterns on the front, but not so keen on the back. I did a bit of googling because I could see there seemed to be one of those blue plaques which adorn houses of historical/literary significance and was amused to find out it’s a look-alike mosaic of her own which reads: “The Treatment Rooms. 2002 – Now. Lots of people lived here and partied hard.” Neigbours’ opinions? Well, the artist has spoken to them right across the top of that window … :).

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