Northern Road Trip | Paddleboarding & Kayaking on Coniston Water

The Sunday morning of our long weekend in South Lakeland produced the worst of the weather. 😦 The Boy and The-Friend-Who-Is-Like-My-Brother didn’t let a little mizzle and low cloud stop them.

The Boy initially went out in the single kayak and then tried out the paddleboard. The Boy has difficulty with co-ordination but managed not to capsize or fall in. (TFWILMB stayed close to his side at all times and both were wearing wetsuits and life vests.)

I don’t mind admitting that The Brainy One and I were more than happy to wait on the shore with dry towels and mugs of tea. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Northern Road Trip | Paddleboarding & Kayaking on Coniston Water

  1. Looks like he had a great morning and just look at him standing on that paddle board! How lucky to have a TFWILMB to accompany him so you could stay warm and dry on the shore 😉

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  2. Both TB & TFWILMB look as though they thoroughly enjoyed the mizzle weather & what a great skill to help develop more co-ordination while having fun. The 4th photo really shows how tall TB is. Cannot wait to see the layout for these photos. 🙂

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  3. How super that your young man was prepared to try out these watersports – and such a lovely setting. Tea and a rug on the bank sounds a nice place to watch from. I had to laugh at your reply to Mary-Lou, as almost all our photos up here are full of grey and mizzle/drizzle/heavy rain/snow :). I feel your pain! There’s green, orange, burgundy and yellow in your photos to play with too – hopefully your stash will be closeting something perfect? If not, I’m happy to design up a striped paper for you …

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