For the Love of Books | Currently Reading August 2021

Evidence of The Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Kindle): I thought I’d read everything by Taylor Jenkins Reid … until I can across a reference to this novella on a book blog. In this epistolary novel, two strangers strike up a correspondence about the tie that binds them together: their respective spouses, who are having an affair—with each other. In every letter, a little more is revealed, until each couple is forced to decide what they ultimately want for their future. This little book worked for me. (And I was amused by TJR sliding in an effortless Daisy Jones reference.)

Address Unknown by Katherine Kressmann Taylor (Kindle): This is another short epistolary novel—but while it might be slender, it’s anything but lightweight. In it, two German friends exchange a series of letters discussing Hitler’s increasing power and changing sentiments in Germany. One friend is a Jewish art dealer living in San Francisco; the other is his business partner, who returns with his family to Munich. The tone of their letters quickly changes as each grapples with current events in their native Germany. Reading this story now, it’s breathtaking to know it was first published in 1938. I’m grateful for the recent reissue that put this old book on my radar. 

Luck of the Titanic (Young Adult Fiction) by Stacey Lee (Kindle): A richly imagined story of Valora and Jamie Luck, twin British-Chinese acrobats traveling aboard the Titanic on its ill-fated maiden voyage.

5 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading August 2021

  1. As always appreciate book recommendations. The Luck of the Titanic, I would think an interesting read as to hear a perspective for the youth.

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